Fillable pdf form lost the properties as numerical and date

I use writer to create a pdf fillable with forms edited as date and numerica format;
when I convert the file in pdf the form lost the properties and they are all as string.

Please upload a reduced and anonymized sample of your Writer file where the problem is present here.

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Click on the three dots ( … ) directly below your initial question.
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In question edit mode, select the upload icon.
Select your file and click the Upload button.
Thank you.

And please name your used LibreOffice version and operating system. Thank you.

I don’t see the (…), However, I try with libreoffice versions 7.2.5 and 7.3.0 and the problem is the same.

The operating system is macos 11.6.2
Untitled 1.odt (9.7 KB)

I have looked at your file and the fields seem fine so far.
I assume that it is an error.
You can enter error messages in Bugzilla.

How to Report Bugs in LibreOffice

Please post the link to the bug entry then here. Thank you.

You can also look in Bugzilla if there is already an entry for this problem.