Fillable PDF forms exported from Writer stopped working

macOS: 10.15.4,
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC: 20.006.20042,
Mac Preview: 11.0 (999.4)

Until recently I could create a Writer document that had Form Controls Text Box fields, and then “Export as PDF…” with “Create PDF form” selected. Then, in Adobe Reader and macOS Preview, I could click on or tab to those fields and enter text.

But now, that is not working. In Reader and Preview, the text box fields are just static text. Is there a new setting somewhere that I’m missing? Please help! I’m desperate!

This issue still exists Depending on how I layout and size the elements I will either get a fully formed PDF of 44Kb, or else a file of 12Kb in size missing all the form elements and most of the text.

This happens to me as well. Most notable issue is that option (a.k.a. radio) buttons are not clickable after export.

I am having the same issue. When exporting to PDF, form fields do not work. I know for sure that it worked just over a year ago.

Same issue here : radio buttons selectable, but this selection is not “visible” in Acrobat.
It has been working for years, and since latest releases of LibreOffice, it does not work anymore…