Filter data in Pivot Table

I have the following data:

Product	Client	Quantity
Flower	John	1        
Flower	Paul	2
Shirt	Steve	1
Shirt	Lily	3
Pencil	Mark	1
Pencil	Jack	2
Pencil	Emma	3

Goal: I would like to extract, for each product, the line where the quantity is the biggest.

I tried with a Pivot Table, and didn’t find any acceptable configuration. I don’t know if I did well, though.
Standard filter did not work neither, not saying the real data is not sorted

Once sorted, I can add a column with a formula like =IF(A2=A3;"";1) to mark the Product Switch, then assulming this is my max line.

Is there any real solution to reach my goal without preprocessing like sorting data ?

Thank you


Drag&drop Product to Rowfields, drag&drop Quantity to DataField doubleclick it and change from sum to max … thats all!