Finance setup in Calc?

I’m new to Excel/Calc and what I want is a finance outline, and I’d like it setup about like this:

  • Column A: Item or service to be paid
  • Column B: Price of item or service in
  • Column C: Bank status/amount in
  • Column D: Weekly mount earned in
  • Column E: Total earnings in US$

I can enter all of this manually, but I’d like for Calc to automate it if at all possible. For example, I add a new entry into column B and Calc automatically does the math and subtracts that amount from the current amount in column C and adds that entry in it’s place in column C.

Also let’s say I get a bonus or raise. I’d like to be able to make that change in column D and have it reflect the increment change in columns C and E automatically. Is this all possible in Calc, and if so, how could I set this up?

Calc can do such calculations. You need to add the right formula into the cells you want to be calculated.
As I don’t know what kind of calculation you need, I cannot give you the formula you need. Most likely you only need additions and subtractions.

I recommend to have a look at: Functions by Category - LibreOffice Help
There you will find the functions you need and how they must be written etc.
It is pretty easy.