Find a certain paragraph formatting style in a writer document (not only the the ones listed there)?

I have found the following:
Edit - find and replace - other options - search for paragraph styles - search for … but the displayed list does not contain all styles.
I do not to search for other styles also.

Could this be a good alternative or dangerous to install?

Encouraged by the great possibilites of Linux I add a question:
Would it be possible to find the command to directly jump to this selection option
(Edit - find and replace - other options - search for paragraph styles - search for)
thus I would assign a keyboard shurtcut to it.

‘AltSearch’ is a valuable extension often recommended , and (afaik) not reported to contain dangerous code. I sometimes use it myself, and never experienced a suspicious behaviour. But AltSearch will, I am afraid, also not be able to search for direct formats. What else should “styles” be that are not listed? Or: What is the ‘Stylist’ (F11) showing as the assigned paragraph style while the cursor is placed in one of the paragraphs you want to address?

(If I missed something relevant in AltSearch, please tell me.)

E.g. paragraph style Heading 10 is not accessible with Find & Replace. Only a few paragraph styles can be choosen from there. I will try the extension and let you know if I find a solution with it.

Under LibO V5.3.3 ‘F&R’ offeres any paragraph style (also ‘Heading 10’) in the ‘Find:’ dropdown if the style is actually applied somewhere and then correctly finds it. Of course, ‘Other options’ > ‘Paragraph styles’ must be enabled.

Funny - now it shows Heading 10. As before there are only 12 paragraph styles displayed for selection in Find & Replace. But these seem to adapt somehow - maybe according to the usage of the styles. In the Style and Formatting list (F11) there are many more styles still. I installed the extension but do not see how to access it.

By default ‘AltSearch’ adds an extra toolbar. If hidden you can show it the same way as any toolbar. In addition a successful install of the .oxt should create a menu item ‘Edit’>‘Alt. Find & Replace…’.
Probably you need to close and to reopen LibO.

Thank you. After restarting LO I found what you wrote. AltSearch lets us find only 6 paragraph styles … I guess there simply is no better solution right now available?

AltSearch should allow any actually used paragraph style for search for - as does standard ‘F&R’.