Find a function

Hi. I’m from MS Office platform, and I decided to switch into LibreOffice for its ideal purpose.
I’m not so good at finding all the functions in their own place; in MS Word there is a function called “find” in which you could look for words into the text, or a particular function of the software. Is there anything like this?
thank you so much


See LibreOffice Help on Find.

EDIT after the comment: Have you tried with F1, or choosing menu Help - LibreOffice Help? There is also the On-line Help.

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Hello @gianluigici, Welcome to the LibreOffice community!

yes but I do not look for something written in my text, but a function of the software.
for example, if I search for “zoom” it will suggest me the function zoom. It is not a text function…


FIND() is a function of the spreadsheet app Calc. It searches some text for some other text.

Not sure how you would go about it in Writer (which is analogous to Word in this suite). Someone else may know. If not, I’ll look into it. Can’t promise that it happens today…

… or is that the global “what do you want to do” search field in Word. If so, @mikekaganski linked to a request that seems to be targeting something along those lines. A bit of a read, but it may be worthwhile to add your bits there.