Find "," and move rest of data in cell to next column

I have a LOT of data in the “A” column.
All of it has the name of a god followed by a “,” and a description of the god.

I would like to move the description to column “B” and leave the name of the god in column “A”.

I have tried to “FIND” “,” and replace with “\T” to no avail.

Any Ideas from the peanut gallery?

As always … You guys are GREAT!


Select Column A, click Data > Text to Columns.

In the dialog that opens, under Separator Options make sure that the box comma is ticked (but not the box space). Check the preview of the data, if it looks OK then press OK.

You will end up with a leading space in column B so in cell C1 you enter =TRIM(B1) and copy down. Select column C, copy and Paste Special as text only, then delete column B. Cheers, Al