Find and Replace: Cannot Delete Prior Finds

When using Find and Replace in LO Writer, the program remembers prior searches and insists on using them (there is no choice involved) if there is any resemblance to a subsequent search. I do not want this. I need to be able to remove that preference on the part of Find and Replace, i.e., how to ensure that Find and Replace FORGETS all prior searches immediately after their use. Or, if that’s not possible, how to manually remove the prior searches that show up beneath the input lines of Find and Replace. I’ve searched through OPTIONS and other choices on the TOOLS menu and find nothing that seems to relate to this issue (though I did enjoy: “Transliterate to Old Hungarian if the text direction is from right to left.”)

Please DON’T suggest terminating LO and reloading the program, which may well work but is too complex an undertaking when I’m in the middle of formatting a book.

Thanks in advance for helpful suggestions!

As I know, no way.