Find and replace fields


Have two custom fields.
Use one field through the doc (more than 2 usages, ex:63 instances of one custom field, doc size ~30+ pages).
Have a brilliant idea to change some of them (around 23) to another custom field, very similar, but different :wink:

Is there any escape sequence allowing easy search replace fields?
(I’ve tried switch to display field names, copy field name(grey area), then Ctrl-H, and paste to ‘Replace With’ but got actual value rather than expected ‘field name like escape sequence’ )

my LO : Version:;
Build ID: 81898c9f5c0d43f3473ba111d7b351050be20261;
Locale: pl-PL (pl_PL)

I can do it manually, but I’d prefer watch PC doing it :slight_smile:

also if other LibreOffice apps support fields then I would expect similar Search&Replace feature for fields.

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I had a similar problem. The solution that worked for me was:

  1. Save as OpenDocument Text (Flat XML)
  2. Open the resulting .fodt file in a text editor
  3. Do search and replace in text editor
  4. Save it
  5. Open .ofdt in Libre and save as .odt