Find and Replace Macro for A List of People Corresponding to Specific Numbers

Hello all! I’m trying to create a macro that will match each number in a highlighted column to a predetermined name. In my case, I have a list of canvassers who have ID numbers. When I receive the file, the canvasser field only has these numbers.

There are too many different values in this field to allow for the find-and-replace function to be any more efficient than entering the names and copying to multiple cells.

I need a macro that will run over the column and replace the numbers with the correct canvasser name. I’m not sure if this is possible, but any info could potentially help. Thank you for reading!

And what is the question actually?

This can be done without macros.

  1. In a free column, calculate the Name by ID using the VLOOKUP function.
  2. Insert values from the new column into the old one.

Post a template file like this file and what you want to answer, it is easier to give suggestions.

Edit your question and attach the file with the clip icon.