Find and Replace using quotes...crash and don't know how to recover

Hi all,

I was using LibreOffice (~3.5ish) and was doing find and replace, using quotes, which crashed Libre. Upon reboot, I had 5 documents that Libre attempted to recover. It failed on three of those documents, but said it stored them in a folder somewhere. Where can I find said folder, and can I recover these files?

I googled this and noticed that this was not a unique issue, so I updated to new Libre immediately after (hope that doesn’t make things more difficult).

I had a paper I was working on (due tomorrow), so I would VERY much appreciate input/advice!

Thank you!

It would be important to know your OS and the full message of LibO concerning where LibO stored the files.

Next is based on guessing and XP experience because you are under time pressure. Thus, depending on your OS you might need to do some variations.

I would search for the UserProfil and there in the folder called “backup”. Look if you find the files there.

To find the backup folder go: tools > options > LibreOffice > Paths

I also recommend to learn how to use automatic backup files. Please read in the free guides which you can download here:
or develop your own way of securing always at least one older file.

Thanks for the assistance! I am about try attempt your solution.
I am on windows 7.
Sadly, I do not remember the full message LibO gave me.

I checked LibO>Paths, and it says that backups are located in Users\T440s\AppData\Roaming\LibreOffice\4\user\backup
I cannot locate this folder (I also tried using the search function). It doesn’t seem like LibO will take me directly there either. I’ll keep looking, however.