Find Bar (search) is not at bottom of spreadsheet

In the default install the search bar is at the bottom of the page. Something like the search bar is on the left vertical side of the screen, but cannot be moved. The granular rectangle that shows when you are “moving” a toolbar does not appear. Reinstallation on Mac osx does not change anything, neither does complete removal as it just picks up the previous preferences of the old installation and applys them to the new one. Is there a way to Reset the program back to factory defaults? Thanks for your help.

Claire Groff

Menu Tools → Options → Advanced, click Open Expert Configuration, in the edit field enter findbar and hit the Search button. If it is in Calc then locate the section org.openoffice.Office.UI.CalcWindowState + UIElements + States (similar if it is in Writer then WriterWindowState) and there WindowStateType[‘private:resource/toolbar/findbar’] of which set Pos to 0,0 and Docked to true and DockingArea to 1 and confirm each step and close the dialog with OK and also the configuration dialog. Then quit LibreOffice and start it again.

I have lost my search bar. I did all of the above. I found that the values were already set according to the instructions so I changed them then reset them with the advised values but I still have no search bar.

Maybe you just omitted hitting Ctrl+F (or whatever keyboard shortcut is assigned for you), or activate menu View → Toolbars → Find.

For completeness: editing the config this way works when the Findbar is already opened somewhere, otherwise WindowStateType can not be edited.

Thanks to Lupp for mentioning in there.

I have tried following the directions which say to go to Tools>options, etc, BUT there is NO options choice under my tools menu. I am working on a macbook pro and have Libreoffice version
I NEED a find bar on my spreadsheets.

I think the Mac shows this under LibreOffice | Preferences

And please don’t add such comment as answer because it doesn’t answer the question.