How to add a findbar to LibreOffice spreadsheet?

I followed the directions given by Alex Kemp. I was stopped when I got to "set Pos to 0,0 and Docked to true and DockingArea to 1. There was no way to do that.


Please, when referring to another post, provide a link. The answer was NOT by whom you stated (that person only edited the question). The answer given was from @erAck here → Find Bar (search) is not at bottom of spreadsheet

Do not understand this completely so will not provide any answer. Just wanted to post the link for reference.

It may also be helpful to add your OS and the specific LibreOffice version you are using. Either edit the question or add a comment. Please do not use an answer as this is to actually answer the question.

Also, it just came to me, did you try from the menu → Edit->Find or the key combination Ctrl+F?

I believe the answer in the post is for re-positioning which may not be applicable.

@Ratslinger: Wow! How did you find that?
The answer was by @erAck.
The OriginalQuestioner was @clairepg.


Used the search bar with some unique items in the question. This was the best → DockingArea to 1. Without this seemingly unique characteristic, don’t think I would have found it. Had help from above!

The answer by @erAck to Find Bar (search) is not at bottom of spreadsheet did not mention that the default setting for ...:WindowStateType['private:resource/toolbar/findbar'] is void, and that you cannot edit it.
You need to open the FindBar via >View>Toolbars>Find for a document of the respective class in advance of opening the Expert Configuration. The Pos property will then be of type string and give a comma-separated üpair of integer numbers (2^31-1 by default). Now you can edit that, and enter the pair 0,0 as the new string value.