"Find" doesn't work- bug?

I am running Version: (x64)" I created a document with citations for various paragraphs in an article. Centered over each paragraph’s citations is the heading: “Paragraph 20”. (for example)

When I use Ctrl+F the find feature works fine. When I use "Ctrl+H, the find feature doesn’t work properly. If I type “arag” into the search box, with other settings at default, it finds next and previous occurrences as it should. When I toggle “regular expressions” (on) and continue searching, it works. But if I then pre-pend a captial-P (“Parag”), it stops working properly.

Could not reproduce this behaviour on Version: Build ID: 1:5.2.2-0ubuntu2.1.

The “Find & Replace” dialog (CTRL+H) allows for additional search parameters such as “Attributes” and “Format”. Please see if any of these additional parameters prevent your “Parag” from being found.

Alternatively, copy-paste the search string “Parag” directly from your source string (“Paragraph 20”), and see if it can be found.

Thank you, librebel. The function seems to work in the latest version (just upgraded to BUT now the search field becomes blank at times. It comes and goes as I type (or paste) the search expression.