Find duplicates where rows have the same data across two columns

In a spreadsheet I might have the following rows:

A, boat, car
B, horse, car
C, car, boat
D, boat, car

I need a method to discover that rows A and D have their 2nd and 3rd columns matching exactly.
Row C is NOT a match because the data is not in the same sequence.

Just use the COUNTIFS() function - write something like
in the adjacent cell, stretch down to the end of the data and get the result.

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Thanks! Excellent and fast answer.
The only way I could think of was to concatenate/join the data into an extra column.

Do you mean something like {=IF(COUNTIF($B$1:$B$1000&CHAR(9)&$C$1:$C$1000;$B$1:$B$1000&CHAR(9)&$C$1:$C$1000)-1;"X";"")}? Yes, this will also work, but it will eat a lot more computer resources.

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