'Find' function in Writer stops working

Several times weekly, the ctrl/f ‘find’ function will no longer find what it’s looking for. The text I’m looking for is present, “Match case” is not selected, but there are no results. It’s been happening on and off for a month or so.

The workaround is to close and reopen Libre, but with several files open it’s a bother. Is anyone else seeing this, and does anyone have a permanent fix?

Me: Latest version of Libre, on Windows 10.

Grazi all over the place. :slight_smile:

Do you remember what do you do just before Find stops working?
What happens if do you try with Ctrl+H?

7.3.?, 7.4.?
Please, edit your question to add more info.

Never seems like I’ve done anything odd beforehand.

Next time I’ll try CTLR/H, thanks. Not a function I use often, but
it’s worth a shot.

Thank you.