Find Functionality

Is there an extension or setting I can choose to make Find Function of LO work similar to FireFox?

Elaboration: In Firefox Find there is a box to tick to “highlight all” which will which light all instance of what I’m looking with purple background selection (Not a permanent Highlight just to show where every instance of text search are), If return key is press it’ll cycle through highlight text just like LO, but the purple highlight will persist. Is there a way to add this behavior to LO?

Ctrl+Shift+F (Repeat Search command) will find next instance, but they will not remain highlighted.

I don’t know if it’s what you’re looking for

Simplest solution without installing extension:

  • launch Edit>Find & Replace
  • enter your search pattern in Find: box
  • press Find All

Selection remains active after you leave the dialog (but you can keep it open and scroll within your document).

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So be careful, what you do there, as a browser like Firefox will not change your document, but Writer can…