Find lines with excessive word spacing in justified paragraphs

I have a rather large text only document using justified text (yes, a book :slight_smile: ) that I have had to change the font and margins in several times. Each time I do this line breaks change all over the place, and I have to manually read through the entire document to check if there are any too long words in the beginning of a line (causing the line before to have the words stretched too far apart). I cannot use auto hyphenation in my language, the quality is too low. All hyphenation has to be done manually.

My question is: Is there any way (maybe using a macro?) to find all places where the word spacing is stretched over a certain limit (like 20 points for example) ?

Illustration: I want to detect the line with a red marker underneath in the example below.

Yes. it is possible. you need to create a style from spacing section and try to find that style in the document from the find and replace dialog.

Here are the steps:

The lines I want to find are part of normal paragraphs which are the same style as all the other paragraphs. The excess spacing is not connected to a specific style. It is just caused by the first word of the next line (“pelletesqueauctor”) being very long.