Find new line

find new line

find new line - what does this mean?
sounds like “find new car”

May I ask you to please be a bit more specific to enable understanding of your question?

@rrbd, you are missed Rainer on the QA side of things. I hope you come back one day. Tschüss.

You will need to use regular expressions i.e., on the Find & Replace dialog:

  1. Click the More Options button.
  2. Check the Regular expressions option.

To find a:

  • Blank line Search for ^$.
  • Line Feed character (U+000a) Search for \n.

It is not possible to find / replace a Carriage Return character (U+000d) using the built-in regular expression engine at it is line-based, thus end-of-line acts as a delimiter. Also refer this related thread.

@oweng - you are a genius in guessing the content of the question!!! Excellence answer!