Find & Replace: Regex Replace not Replacing


I am running LO with Java 1.8.0_111 under Windows 7 Pro.

I cannot understand the replace function in Find & Replace with ‘Regular Expressions’ selected. For instance if I have

apple ant awkward any

and search using either ‘Find All’, ‘Find Previous’ or ‘Find Next’ then the leading a’s are highlighted. However when I try to replace them with say ‘o’ and repeatedly click ‘Replace’ then the highlight cycles through all the a’s but they are not replaced.

If I click ‘Replace All’ than all the leading a’s are replaced. If I tick ‘Replace Backwards’ then the a’s are replaced sequentially starting with ‘any’. If the leading a is also at the start of the line then ‘Replace’ works but not otherwise.

What do I need to do to be able to replace one instance at a time?

(If I simply search for ‘a’ then the Replace button works just fine but it also replaces a’s in the middle of words.)

What is your exact search term in the Find field, and is that “apple ant awkward any” within one cell, or four individual cells, or …?

Sorry. The editor won’t let me put the search sequence in without adding additional tags but it’s a start of word followed by an a. (back slash, less than, a)

The words are all on one line in Writer separated by spaces.

(Use the tool ‘preforamatted text.’ (fourth icom).)
\ba is standard Regex for ‘Word boundary, then a’. GNU Regex uses \< instead of \b The ICU RegEx engine used by LibreOffice should interpret both these notations correctly. .
‘One instance at a time’ should work anyway 'Find Next ’ > Choose ‘Find Next’ again (don’t replace) or ‘Replace’.

Thank you very much.
Neither \< or \b seem to work properly what ever I do. This is really frustrating since I had moved to Find & Replace because AltSearch (my preferred option) has also stopped working sensibly.
Fortunately I have another PC running Debian Jessie with LibO 4.3 in which both Find & Replace and AltSearch work perfectly. It’s just not as convenient.
Is it worth raising a bug report?

I tested with V5.2.2.2 and things worked as expected.and described by me (both the variants). I am afraid I cannot help you with a problem rather specific to your system/installation.
There is only one standard hint concerning very strange errors: You may try to reset your user profile (aftera backup, of course). A corrupted profile can cause funny behaviour.

I tried again on a neighbour’s Window 7 PC only to find the same fault.

After saving my profile and completely uninstalling LibO, I installed, the Still version. The Find & Replace fault was still there. I then installed, which works on my Linux machine. Both Find & Replace and AltSearch worked properly.

I then copied my profile back. Find & Replace and AltSearch still work properly.

I can now get on with my work, but it still feels as if something is wrong somewhere