Find service names in Extensions to use in Macro


I had to recently use the INTERPO function from the extension,
Interpolation for Calc » Extensions in a macro which does not work when using .SetFormula("=INTERPO…") in a macro.

The following pages:

1.Extension. Formula works in cells but not in macros. Special action?
2.Using Calc Functions in Macros

hinted that the service names should be directly used in order for it to work. I could not find the source for the extension and hence was unable to find out the service name initially. I managed to find the service name by Downloading the Extension > Extracting It > Open the XCU file and found out that the Interpo function can be used using


Is there a direct way to find to find the service name directly inside of Libreoffice? Or is this the only way to find out right now?

Enter the function into some cell and inspect that cell. The true function name (contrary to the name displayed name GUI) is part of the cell’s formula.

Thank you very much. I did not know how to inspect a cell. Figured it out just now and found the real function name under
Tools> Development Tools>Current Selection> Properties and Name=Formula