Find the exact center of the page (writer)

Hey guys, as per the title.

I am asking as I want to create an oval dead centre of the page.

Perhaps there is a setting that shows grid lines/rulers in writer?

Many thanks.


No need to display rulers, draw the oval anywhere and then just set Center to entire page in the parameters:


Create desired object in any place of the page. Then right-click it->Position and Size.... On Position and Size tab anchor - to page (actually, you may let it as is; just remember that if you anchor to a paragraph/character, then it will be seen on the same page as corresponding paragraph/character); position: horizontal - center to entire page; vertical - center to entire page.

If you need rulers and grid: grid is shown using Tools->Options->LibreOffice Writer->Grid. Rulers are in View->Rulers.

EDIT: sorry, overlapped with answer from @PYS.