Find toolbar focus in Calc

Recently, with Fedora update to F36, and now to F37, and LO to 7.4, I have constant issues with finding focus with Find toolbar (CTRL+F).
First of all, every time I open Calc is anchored on the side so I have to do:
unlock toolbar and undock toolbar
to be able to get search window. Then it wouldn’t jump focus when I press CTRL+F, so I have to click manually into it, often, several times. It also would not move when I try to reposition toolbar.
I see now with LO 7.4, the text box will pulsate when it has focus, which is good, as before it was blue and I would enter search pattern, the text would be written in the cell instead of search toolbar. So if you are not careful, you can change cells unknowingly.
Is it just my setup or some form of bug?

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