Find Toolbar output messages

I’ve a GUI problem on my Laptop that I haven’t seen anybody else have issue with.

When I use the Find toolbar, if there are no results, the “search key not found” message seems to display in an unusual position, and is then hidden behind the text box control if mouse-clicked in the box. Same happens for “reached the end of the document” message.

It’s almost is there is not enough room in the toolbar to fit the message so it squeezes in where it can.

Bug? Which component would I report it for? LibreOffice English, tested in Writer and Calc on Windows 7 x64, although I have notice the problem possibly ever since 4.0

Sorry, can’t upload a screenshot just now, not enough Karma :stuck_out_tongue:

Searching the bug database, it might be an effect of Bug 81925 which is supposedly fixed in v4.5. Other similar looking bugs fixed in v5.0

I’ve determined its because the find toolbar is too short and has nowhere to put the text. Putting the toobar on it’s own line and add the untitled control to the bar fixes it. The untitled control is where text overflow goes and text has nowhere else to go if it is not enabled.

Sorry, hard to explain without a screenshot but I now know the Find bar is quite buggy and should be resolved in due course.