Find values =< 0.2 away from lowest value in column

I have some values spanning D5:P18 where not all cells are populated. I want to find the lowest value in a column (MIN(D5:D18)) and then look if other value(s) in this column are =< 0.2 away from said lowest value. My experimentation led nowhere so far that’s why I’m turning to you – the Gurus.

EDIT: While @Lupp and @JohnSUN answered my question within minutes (thank you!) my wording seems to lack precision. For clarification:

  • Data spanning D5:P18
  • Not all cells populated

Via conditional formatting highlight all cells which:

  • have the lowest value in each column
  • have a value =< 0.2 away from the lowest value in its column

I hope this makes it a bit easier to understand. My apologies for misleading you.

Is it P18 is a typo and you mean D18?

Use conditional formatting to highlight values less than or equal to MIN+0.2.

-0.2 is not needed, because the values can’t be less than the minimum. Or can they?

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@JohnSUN you are totally right …

@Pengukin, If the range is D5:D18, press edit below your question and correct it.

It really is D5:P18

What do you mean by “find”?
Assuming you want to highlight the respective cells overlaying a specific cell style, I would suggest you create a ConditionalFormat for the range D5:P18 defining one condition in Formuls is mode using the formula
ABS(D5-MIN(D$5:D$18))<=0.2. Since the column address is relative, the result will correctly display the situation for every column
If blank cells shall not be highlighted, use (D5<>"")*(ABS(D5-MIN(D$5:D$18))<=0.2).

@Lupp You shoot faster :slight_smile:

Thank you @Lupp for the quick answer and the very useful D5<>"" this really helps.

If you want to see all the cells, the values ​​of which do not differ by more than 0.2 from the minimum value in the first column of the table, use conditional formatting - it is simple and clear.

Select your range D5:P18 (make sure that the active cell - the cell with a black border - is D5)

Choose Format - Conditional, set two simple conditions and select two style for them

Condition 1: D5=MIN($D$5:$D$18)

Condition 2: ABS(D5-MIN($D$5:$D$18))<=0.2

Thank you @JohnSUN for your answer (even with screenshot!), unfortunately I can’t vote yet …