Finding average through =AVERAGE(D2:D41).. Showing me #DIV/0!

Hello libre office… i’m trying to finding out average through this formula =AVERAGE(D2:D41)… unfortunately it is giving me #div/0! error …and when i try to find min, max, sum … it shows 0 somehow… please tell me how to correct it, i’m struggling in this from a week
Thank you!

Try to choose View - Value Highlighting or just press Ctrl + F8 and look at the color of the values ​​in the cells.

If the values ​​are black, not blue, then you are dealing with texts that look like numbers, but are not numbers. Convert the values ​​to numbers and the error will disappear.



Looks like range D2:D41does not contain values, but text strings, that is why zero arguments are passed into AVERAGE function and you get #div/0! error. Please take a look here for further steps.

Or the FAQ.