Finding internal templates to delete them

LO comes with a number of native templates (e.g. fax). None of which are of the slightest use to me. They do however appear among my actual templates. This is a distraction when I’m trying to find the one I want. They also use space. Not a lot, but it’s the principle.
However the “internal path” that shows where they are located is sort of hidden,because the path has a section of “…\ share\templates” (i.e.slash\row of dots \slash rest of path ) in the middle of it. I’ve tried to manually follow the path and try all the routes to and past any potential "…\ " section, but I can’t find a path that leads to this templates folder.
So how do I locate ( and remove) these things? Help would be appreciated.

Open Writer, click File > Templates > Manage Templates (Ctrl+Shift+N) and delete the Documents templates that you don’t want. You can manage Spreadsheet, Presentation and Drawing templates from there too.