firebird embedded external table insert error

I’m trying to load data into a Firebird embedded DB using an external table. I can create the external table, and it appears in the table list. However, when I try to INSERT, it says:

1: firebird_sdbc error:
*Use of external file at location C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\Cndtn_Code.txt is not allowed by server configuration

I’ve looked high and low for the configuration file (“firebird.conf”) but cannot find it on my system. I tried earlier with a shared network drive, same fail, so I thought a local path might be required. No dice.

Any idea what’s going on here? Thx

OS: Windows 10 Pro
LO (x86)
DB: Firebird 3 embedded


What is meant by “external table”? ‘Cndtn_Code.txt’ is not a source of data. Data is typically brought in from Calc or another table. Just tested with txt file brought into Calc and then copied into Firebird embedded table. No problem using LO v6.4.0.3 (have used older versions in past) 64-bit. Are you actually using 32-bit LO?

Also your steps are confusing. If you can create a table and it appears in the table list it is not an External table. Please add some clarification.

FB embedded DB server distribution should have a ‘firebird.conf’ file where we can set ‘ExternalFileAccess’ to ‘Full’ to have access to external files. It’s a better way to populate the db with external data then copy&paste.

@PatrickDemets Did you find anything about that since then?