firebird migration data type inconsistency

The second table of Data Types in the Firebird Migration Documentation seems to suggest that both Firebird and HSQLDB support Memo (longvarchar) datatypes whereas the first table showing migrated data types shows Memo will be converted to CLOB [ BLOB ] SUB_TYPE TEXT.
Additionally when selecting field types for table fields using Create Table in Design View, if one chooses CLOB there is no indication of which sub-type will be used.


In testing different field types within Firebird embedded, is appears there is no distinction on sub types. In fact when a field was set as CLOB in table design it was changed to BLOB[BLOB]. Image[BLOB], BLOB[BLOB] and CLOB[BLOB] all resulted with a field type of BLOB SUB_TYPE 0.

You can check with SQL found here → How can I get the table description (fields and types) from Firebird with dbExpress

Firebird server does show different sub types.