Firebird, saved Tables don't retain Field Descriptions

How to save FB Table Field Descriptions?

LO, FB embedded & registered, Windows10 64bit

  1. click [Create Table in Design View…] in Main LO_Base window to create new table definition
  2. then setting up Field Names & Field Types,
  3. then entering Field Descriptions,
  4. then saving table as [Table1]

so far ok, so then:

  • Menu/View/Refresh Tables
  • Right-click on [Table1] ==> Edit…


Field Names & Field Types are all there, but Field Descriptions are all gone.

How to save FB Table Field Descriptions &/or make them show up?


No problem in Ubuntu 20 with LO

File a report → Bugzilla


Was able to get on Win 10 Build 18363 x64 system with LO v7.0.1.2

There was no problem with Base Firebird embedded tables retaining Descriptions. Creates Base file and table as new, not something existing. Additionally copied the file to Ubuntu 20 and the Descriptions were still there.