Firebird: Show Triggers and dependencies

Is there a way to display metadata for an embedded firebird db?

I’m getting a rather useless error message:

Fehlercode: 1

firebird_sdbc error:
*unsuccessful metadata update
*cannot delete
*there are 1 dependencies
caused by

I deleted the relations in the relations editor so it must be some kind of leftover trigger. But I have no idea how to access it. I looked at the index designer but trying to change that one shows the same error.

I’m thinking about deleting it all and making an external MySQLDB or something. I avoided it so far because I thought embedded Firebird would have the best compatibility with LO. This is just tiresome.


To list triggers:


For more, see → Extracting META information from Interbase/Firebird SQL (INFORMATION_SCHEMA)

Also, have used MySQL in past and Base changed native connector giving me a headache in macros. Have beed using PostgreSQL for a few years now. Worth a look if changing.

Ohh… I tried a similar command in the query designer and it failed with a syntax error… but the SQL command in Tools worked. Thanks. Was able to find the triggers and relations.

Also I’ll look into PostrgreSQL as a replacement. Time to separate the DB from the GUI.

Also I think I’ll stop using the relationship editor. Will do manual checks instead.