Firefox 54.0.1. How do I get Base to close down?

As Base stopped responding (the usual indication that an update is available), I updated to 54.0.1. Base now works fine again, but will not close down (well, not in 10 minutes or so). I can force the computer to close, but Base appears on restart and not responding again. I can correct it (very quickly), but the same process recurs when I try to close Base down again. Fortunately, my updates do appear to have been retained!

@chrisg Need some info. Have never seen Base (using for years now) stop responding because of an ‘update’ being available - especially outside of LO. I am on Mint 18, Firefox 54.x & LO 5.3.x but also run LO on other systems including Win. Please provide your OS & specific LO version. Also if this is a distro version if on Linux. Also what update(s) you are talking about.

Sorry; Been away for a week! Running Windows 10 Home and Firefox 54.0.1. Since I first installed LO, my indication that an update is available has been that Base stops responding. Have updated to LO and now, whenever I try to close LO down (from Base, at least), nothing happens. If I click on the x at top right again, Base ‘stops responding’. Can close down and have to recover the database when I start up again. It is the updates to my database that are retained, not lost.

@chrisg Not sure why Firefox is in the question or conversation. Should have no bearing on the situation. Nothing in LO should stop responding especially if it is just an update available. The one thing you may try is to reset your user profile and see if that resolves the problem. See this post.

Thanks for this. Actually the problem seems to have gone away don’t know why, but I will keep the User Profile thread on paper in case it recurs!