Firefox addon for following questions here [not a question]

A few years ago I wrote a Firefox add-on - Jolla Askbot Unseen Posts - for following questions on another askbot site:
It always worked with any other askbot sites that you specified.

That Jolla site is now obsolete, so I have renamed the add-on to Askbot Unseen Posts, and defaulted the options to this site, being perhaps the biggest askbot site around. It’s here:

Askbot unseen posts – Get this Extension for 🦊 Firefox (en-US)

I’m posting here in case any regular users are interested. The default options include this address:

To make it work with other locales, change the URL in options, or add more URLs.

There is a support email address on the Mozilla addon page.

[Apologies to the administrators if this post is out of order. Feel free to remove it if so.]