first 20 entries in bibliography database

In Libre Office Writer-Tools-Bibliography Database, when opened, it has the first 20 rows of sample data that came the the Libre Office 6 app with Author entries starting with Artimiak, T. to 20th entry of Surhone, L. in author column. Are Libre Office 6.3 or 6.4 regular users,like me at home, allowed to delete these 1st 20 sample entries?? Please let me know thanks!


you can delete the entries - the bibliography database is part of the user profile.

Thank u for your quick reply I want to confirm that i CAN delete the first 20 entries in the Bibliography database that originally came with the Libre Office installation on my PC. Please confirm! Thanks!

Consider this bibliography database as a sample or demo. Do with it whatever is fit for you. Just a caveat: as @anon73440385 mentioned, the bibliography is part of your user profile. This means you can’t have a separate DB for each document. It is a global DB from which you select the relevant entries for the present document.

Thank u for clarifying that the bibliography database contains my typed in sources from different documents that i can pick & choose from to put in various documents i create. The main ? I am asking: “Can I delete the first 20 entries that came with the Bibliography database in Libre Office Writer 6 or NOT??”

you can delete the entries

Which of these 5 words in my answer is incomprehensive?

If you don’t need them, which is likely, go ahead and delete them.

Thank u all very much for your help! I appreciate it! Enjoy your weekend!