First chapter, first page - in master document view vs. in stand-alone document view

Version: / LibreOffice Community
Build ID: 40(Build:1)
CPU threads: 2; OS: Linux 5.15; UI render: default; VCL: gtk3
Locale: en-US (en_US.utf8); UI: en-US


It’s about how master document and first page of first subdocument gets presented on screen.
Problem central point - first page of first subdocument in Writer window with master document open (a) has one text line less than same page of that subdocument open in another window sub-document file stand-alone (b).
(a) is Writer window with .odm open while (b) is Writer window with .odt of first subdocument open.

Lot of formatting parameters in styles and similar which are of significance for vertical dimension were checked, char, paragraph, styles, font types and sizes, etc. All those checked are mathematically identical side by side comparison.

One can however see the string of text has small bit font size. Maybe tiny difference
of one line in character vertical size accumulates at end of page to one whole line. All this at same zoom level windows a as b. Why can’t one have in master file view not the same presentation as in single-file view?

There are also 3 footnotes first page. Footer, header, footer and header, footnote styles had been checked too . For first page the header is disabled, footer enabled.

Attached screenshot presents bottom right corner of text area and footer right end. Those 3x whitespaces pushed by Writer out of text and footer areas do these matter for this problem? Line ending with letter e is last text area line, then the footer starts.


Your screenshot will not help to find a solution for your problem.
The fact is, if there are different views between master and document, there will also be a difference in a default.
One could find if you provide it (master, document). But it is simply idle.
You have to make sure that all style sheets, margins etc. are identical and not only by name, but of course by content.

Master documents in Writer

When you work in master+subs context, your formatting approach is of utmost importance to achieve the same layout (though sometimes you precisely want different layouts so that editing the sub is easier with simplified layout – but this is very advanced usage). If you ever have some direct formatting this will override what you dictate with styles.

You end up with a one-line difference. This means something is different between your master and sub: margins in page style, line spacing in some paragraph style or even header/footer contents because it is not inherited by the master. I guess that you didn’t base your documents on the same template as you mentioned the need to check styles in both.

Regarding the space hint in the right margin: Writer considers any run of spaces as a word separator. But it is handled differently depending in where it is met. If this separator occurs at end of a justified line, all spaces are taken a a block and “eliminated”. However, if the occur in the middle of a line, they are kept and each is expanded by justification. This may cause weird but predictable behaviour in formatting. My 2-cents advice is: avoid multiple spaces in narrative, even if you were taught double-space after an end-of-sentence punctuation. You’re creating more problems than achieving (or attempting to) aesthetic look.

Anyway, without the files, it is impossible to make a decent analysis. So, provide a 1- or 2-page sample files still exhibiting the issue to be attached to your question.