First time user, first time opening a file: got a error message.

I just switched from OO to LO and wouldn’t you know it, the very first file I opened I got this error message:

ini file needs to contain a key Version!

No idea what this means. My file seems to be okay, but this isn’t particularly reassuring. Did I just make a big mistake by switching? Does this happen every time you use this? How do I fix this?

Sounds like a broken user profile. Backup and move your existing profile out of the way (see the wiki for locations and how to) and then retry, or start LibreOffice with soffice --safe-mode

And please state the LibreOffice version you’re using and the operating system (assuming Windows).

I’m on Windows 10. The version is 6.3.6 64-bit

I didn’t get the error message in safe mode. But when I went to normal mode, it said the program had crashed before (without the error message this time).

Renaming the user profile to user.old then opening and closing the file I had opened before seems to have fixed the problem. Thank you!