Fit Images to Column

Hi, I have a fairly simple question but can’t achieve it.

In my writer document I have two columns, and in them will be basically be some text, below that a picture, below that text, then a picture etc, in vertical alternation. Lots of them.


I want the pictures to fit the column width; but I want them to continue to fit the column width if I adjust that. Clearly I want them to maintain their aspect ratio.

Now I’ve tried numerous ways to achieve this and not succeeded, either as 100% of the available text area width with keep aspect ratio or (a poor second best) as a frame style with a fixed width that I can apply so if I adjust the column width I can just change the style. Either the image resizes the width but not the height (1st method) or in the case of the style when you first set the style it throws any image to the top of the page and it’s a lot of effort to then move it to position and reset its properties if you consider there are many of them.

Can anyone recommend a simple way to do this simple task?

Win10, Ver x64

Cheers, David

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FOLLOWUP - It suddenly started working after restarting LibreOffice.
I’m using the following properties -

But then it stopped working. I realise there may be a bug involved, which is evidenced in the following document (instructions within) -

For better diagnostic, attach a sample file (1 page, 2 images with text). Note you can’t attach to comment, so edit your question and use the “paper clip” tool to upload.

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It seemed self-explanatory but I’ve added a screen-shot - a bit imperfect as taken over a remote session… d :slight_smile:

Images should be inserted with the “slide” tool not the “paperclip”.

A screenshot is nice-looking but absolutely no use to check the style and frame attributes/parameters. So, please, attach a sample file as requested.

Well the various style and frame parameters I tried didn’t work, so I was asking for suggestions as to how to do it - it doesn’t need to resemble what I had tried in any way… but I’ll attach a file. I’m not sure it would help.

Hmmm… I’ve just opened LibreOffice to prepare the document and it seems to have started doing it correctly. Sometimes things are solved just by closing and reopening a program. Still a couple of things to tick per image but survivable…! Thanks for taking the interest in this!

If you have a trick for auto-adjusting image width to column width, I’ll be glad to know it. Personally I always must rescale either the picture or the frame, often both.

I’ve attached a second picture with the property settings. The wrap is ‘optimal’ but I’m not sure if that matters.
To do a second picture, a new picture can be dragged in and a couple of clicks made, or a prior picture ctrl-dragged to make a new one, right-clicked and the image 'Replace’d.

Then it stopped working! I copied my working one and had pictures with the same properties, one which scaled properly and one which only scaled horizontally. I found I could make the latter work by entering a figure in the height even just minutely different to what’s already there and it suddenly works. It may be there is a bug.

I’ve uploaded a document to the end of the post now which has a demonstration of the presumed bug with short instruction, and how to make the picture properly resize. d

Crazy as it may sound, I’ve just reopened that document and the simple fix described in it of changing the height suddenly no longer works. It was working perfectly on that very document before I closed and reopened it. (However it still shows the bug in action with different scaling responses, even if the fix suddenly has stopped working. But I think the image that’s working on it can be copied and used as a template for others by right-clicking and Replace-ing the image…!!)