Fix reference in table formulae

Hi Im new to LibreOffice so what Im trying to do is to set a fixed reference in a table together with a variable so I can drag a few lines rather like you can in calc
In 1 cell I recerence others eg =<G4>/<H4>
the next row of cells i want =<G5>/<H4>
In calc I would write =<G4>/<$H$4> to keep the value fixed this does not work in writer is there any way I can do this as it will save me a lot of time

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$4 won’t work, but you can add a second table with the value in A1 and use the formula =<G4>/<Table2.A1>. When you paste this formula in the cell below, it will say =<G5>/<Table2.A1>.


Brilliant thanks this will save me hours and something I would not have thought of makes it very easy to update the fixed valu too

sorry lines blanke out ‘=/


want to do ‘=/<$H$4>’