Fix Times New Roman font

Hi all,
I am running LibreOffice on Ubuntu 16.10 with all latest updates applied. Whenever I get a document (writer, calc etc) using Times New Roman, the font display is corrupted. This doesn’t happen in any other application and when I use a font viewer I can see the font correctly. I’ve tried everything I know but cannot find out why this happens. Below is a screenshot showing LibreOffice (left) and Gedit (right) both configured to use the font.

BTW, this happens on my wife’s computer running the same software too. We both have “msttcorefonts” installed. If anyone has any bright ideas I would really appreciate it.

Simon West

Honestly, it’s hard to see what’s happening in that screenshot. A close up would be much better. Anyway, first things first, have you tested other fonts in LibreOffice for comparison? If they are also rendering badly, then it has nothing to do with the particular font.