Fixing/removing footers

My wife wrote a 300+ page book and we formatted it pretty in LibreOffice. Unknown to us our adult son installed word and then my wife accidentally opened her book in word, fixed a small typo and saved.

Now the footers are all messed up.

Is there a slick way to delete all the 300+ imported footers, so I can redo them without deleting each and every one individually?


Footers depend of page styles in LibreOffice, so I guess unwanted page styles were created during conversion. The created and imported styles from Word have their names often begin with the same sequence of characters. You can display the Styles & Formatting window (Sidebar, Format menu or F11), select Custom Styles from the listbox in the bottom of the Styles window, select all the unwanted styles (can use Ctrl+A and Shift+Click in this window) then Right click and delete.

If I can afford a tip: a work of this importance (I speak of your wife’s book) deserves regular backups, copies which would you avoid this work.