Flag settings to be modified

Here is a list of settings that we might want to change, please let me know which of them. If there are other things that you see need to be modified, please let me know also.

  • blur tl0 flagged posts media [true]
    Blur flagged posts images to hide potentially NSFW content.

  • min trust to flag posts [1: basic user]
    The minimum trust level required to flag posts

  • allow flagging staff [true]
    If enabled, users can flag posts from staff accounts.

  • tl3 requires max flagged [5]
    User must not have had more than x posts flagged by x different users
    in the last (tl3 time period) days to qualify for promotion to trust
    level 3, where x is this setting’s value. (0 or higher)

  • hide post sensitivity [medium]
    The likelihood that a flagged post will be hidden

  • cooldown minutes after hiding posts [10]
    Number of minutes a user must wait before they can edit a post hidden
    via community flagging

  • silence new user sensitivity [high]
    The likelihood that a new user will be silenced based on spam flags

  • num users to silence new user [3]
    If a new user’s posts get num_spam_flags_to_silence_new_user spam
    flags from this many different users, hide all their posts and
    prevent future posting. 0 to disable.

  • flag sockpuppets [false]
    If a new user replies to a topic from the same IP address as the user
    who started the topic, flag both of their posts as potential spam.

  • num flaggers to close topic [5]
    Minimum number of unique flaggers that is required to automatically
    pause a topic for intervention

  • auto close topic sensitivity [low]
    The likelihood that a flagged topic will be automatically closed

  • auto respond to flag actions [true]
    Enable automatic reply when disposing a flag.

  • high trust flaggers auto hide posts [true]
    New user posts are automatically hidden after being flagged as spam
    by a TL3+ user

  • cooldown hours until reflag [24]
    How much time users will have to wait until they are able to reflag a post

  • max flags per day [20]
    Maximum number of flags per user per day.

  • notify about flags after [48]
    If there are flags that haven’t been handled after this many hours,
    send a personal message to moderators. Set to 0 to disable.

  • auto handle queued age [60]
    Automatically handle records that are waiting to be reviewed after
    this many days. Flags will be ignored. Queued posts and users will be
    rejected. Set to 0 to disable this feature.