FlameRobin will not create Firebird database

Hi, on Windows with Firebird 3.0 server, I have successfully used isql to create databases, add users, create tables, manipulate data, not the easiest of interfaces, but in the end it works. This so I can connect to these databases through LibreOffice 6.3. I have been trying to use FlameRobin as a GUI to manage the Firebird databases, the interface is better, except for one problem I haven’t been able to solve: I cannot persuade FlameRobin to create a database unless the user is SYSDBA.
Here is my example: in isql I have created a user called “webusrjhn” and granted it an admin role. In isql, it successfully creates a database with: SQL> CREATE DATABASE ‘C:\d\libre\sixthddb.fdb’ user ‘webusrjhn’ password ‘whatever’ default character set UTF8; When I try to do the same in FlameRobin (even if running as administrator), I get the following error message:

Context: Database::Create
Message: isc_dsql_execute_immediate failed
SQL Message: -551
can't format message 13:449 -- message file C:\Windows\system32\firebird.msg not found
Engine Code  : 335544352
Engine Message:
no permission for CREATE access to DATABASE C:\D\LIBRE\SEVENTHDB.FDB

The same sequence using SYDBA as user works fine.
I realise this is a minor irritant, but how can I solve this? Thanks.

Hmm… How FlameRobin question fits ask.libreoffice.org? :wink:

I was using it as part of setting up a connection from LibreOffice to a Firebird server, and FlameRobin was suggested from a previous post in the LibreOffice forum. No big deal if it has to be redirected elsewhere.


@mikekaganski is correct, this is not a LO issue. Although mentioned I use this myself can’t actually see it be suggested to be used by anyone. As FlameRobin has not been updated in a few years it does not appear you will get any support from them. You may want to use something else. See this Firebird page → Third-party Tools & Drivers

ok thanks, will have a look


BTW, have been able to have user create DB in FlameRobin. Make certain user has been granted the create - GRANT CREATE DATABASE