Font appears pixelated in Libreoffice calc

Using libreoffice calc 6, the fonts inside cells look pixelated when zoomed in, and when using really large sizes.

Is there any way of improving how fonts display. I have tried openGL, but this doesn’t smooth out the edges or infact fix anything.

Everything looks better when exported to PDF so there is nothing wrong with the fonts I am using.

Using which LibreOffice version exactly on which operating system (macos?) and probably using HiDPI/Retina display?

LOC 6.032 X 64 on windows 1920 x 1080.

LOC 6.032 X

Do you mean LibreOffice - If “yes”, pretty old, early 6.x.y.z release

Yes. The newest version seems to have cured this problem fairly well!


find a solution on this site (you may want to replace “pixelated” by “blurry”, if you don’t find an answer solving your problem using “pixelated”)

The fonts are not blurry they have stair stepped edges, no aliasing, no smoothing.