Font Colors Out of Control

Using Win 10 with version but problem first appeared with previous version.

With no other obvious issues,the ability to control font colors has been lost and background color has become erratic as well. Selecting a cell and choosing a new color for the font does not change the current color. If I select a cell and do a Paste Special-Format Only into a new cell with a different font color but the same background color, the font color does not change but sometimes the background color does. It does not matter which font color group is chosen.

If I select an empty cell, choose a font color and then start typing, the correct color appears until i hit Enter and then the color changes to black.

I tried deleting the existing Appdata folder (“4”) but the problem did not go away.

Suggestions for fixing much appreciated!

I finally, after several weeks, figured out the answer to my own question. The font colors were screwed up because somehow the View/Value Highlighting dropdown got set. I unchecked that and all is good again.