Font colour

Normally, I write my texts in royal blue, green and, sometimes, orange.
Whenever I try to print such a document, create a .pdf from it or copy it to a stick to transfer the file to another computer, the font colours are always changed to black.

How can I stop this happening?

Blessed be
Karma SinghThe new World Religion and the Heretics EN only.odt

What file type are you using for the transfer?

at first .odt then I tried .doc to see if that made any difference - it doesn’t.

Can you upload an ODF type sample file here?

I can’t see any way of uploading a file here!

Click edit below your question to open it again and then click the paperclip icon to upload an odt file. Cheers, Al

Thanks Earnest. Now done. I hope that the font colour is still royal blue.

This is not a political forum. Please take down your file immediately and post a sample document.

There is no reason for it to be coloured. There are only three styles: Default Paragraph Style, Default Character Style and Internet Link. Read the Writer Guide, especially the chapter on styles

What on Earth are you rabbiting on about? I’m not interested in your politics, only in the font colour. I uploaded the requested sample document, choosing one that does not contain private information.
All that’s in the book you recommend has been done long ago and repeatedly checked but still doesn’t stop the font colour being automatically changed.

The embedded thumbnail from your computer shows no colour therefore I think your question is bogus and only for the purpose of proselyting

You mean you haven’t got a clue how to solve the problem and are trying to pass the responsibility onto me?
What the hell an “embedded thumbnail” may be I haven’t the vaguest notion. It sounds a lot like gobbledeygook to hide your lack of knowledge.
Get your finger out or pass the file onto someone who knows what they’re doing.

The specimen document you asked for is a simple statement of observable and proven facts presented in a story like form to ease assimilation. What’s your problem with reality, Sunshine?

Blessed be
Karma Singh

  1. Ctrl + P.
  2. On the LibreOffice Writer tab untick Print text in black.

It was already unticked but still changes everything to black

Here is a sample of coloured text, make of it what you will.