Font colourappearance

In the Options > LibreOffice> Apperance I tried to make some grey colours.
Now in spreadsheet I have results of formulas, numbers , the text in Writer just one colour different of what I ment and DOES NOT chage from the font colour even that icon shows a different colour and the previews show a different colour.

You are going to have to provide greater detail about your operating system, LO version, and which Writer/Calc colours you altered the appearance of. Are you still experiencing this problem?

@NicoPP - In LibO you can preset more than 100 colors using the RGB scheme. Each color has 256 steps to fine tune a color you would like to have.
I wrote “more than 100” because I have a bit less and don’t know what the maximum really; I would simply say, you can predefine all you need.

The color can be predefined under Tools / Options / Colors.

As for details about your font etc color, please follow the advice of @oweng