Font ghost in 6.4 with OS-X 10.11.6


I note that in the properties window - styles - character, when I check or switch to a different font and/or point size in the selection boxes the previous font name remains as a grey ghost underneath the new name making them both confusing and unreadable. This does not affect the document, just the properties window. I can click the box again and the ghost disappears, so it’s not a great hindrance, but obnoxious at any rate.

Also, and perhaps related, there is another box option somewhere in properties where if a selection is made the old and the new continue to flicker on and off very rapidly, several times a second, making either unrecognizable. I’m sorry that I can’t recall where this occurs, but I will post again if I find it.


Try update LibreOffice to 7.1.2 version