Font in Calc cells changes when pausing typing strangely

Hey all,

I’ve been having a very strange problem in Calc for a really long time now. When I begin typing English into a cell, if I for any reason stop for a moment, the font for the cell automatically changes to MS Pゴシック, a Japanese font which I assume is set as the default for that language. (In Options->Language Settings->Languages, the default font for Asian language documents is “Default - Japanese”)

There are three ways I’ve figured out how to fix this:

  • Scroll so that the cell is off-screen and then back again, and it will be fixed
  • Edit the cell again
  • Resize the column width or row height

I’m on version of Calc, on Windows 7 in English, but in Japanese locale. Is this a clear bug that I should report? I actually only realized exactly how this happens as I was typing up this question, haha (I thought it just changed randomly).