Font Installation Workaround for LibreOffice?

Is there a way to install a font just for LibreOffice?

I had my machine set up as a dual-boot with Linux, but the BIOS did not support Linux and turned the machine into a brick. I loved Linux, but do not dare to try to reinstall it on this machine.

During that time, I lost the paper where I had written down my Widows product key, so I’m running an un-registered version. Win10 has a taken fonts over as a system feature and disables it without a valid product key. So, I either pay money to MS for a new product key to an OS I despise, or I’m locked out of adding fonts for another year or so.

If anyone knows of a workaround, I would greatly appreciate it.


This is interesting. I need to buy a backup laptop anyway. Once I have a backup, I will definitely try this.

Thank you.

If you had a registered copy of Windows on the same hardware then Windows should automatically activate itself again. If it doesn’t, you should be able to phone Microsoft support and get them to activate it again.

As to the fonts, I suggest you have a look at Portable Apps. From the Site “The Platform supports the ability to carry fonts on your portable device and use them with your portable software without needing to install them on the local machine.”

It does mean that you might have to use the portable version of LibreOffice as well. I suggest getting a fast USB stick in a USB 3 or faster port. In an older computer a fast portable drive plugged into an express port or something similar.

Cheers, Al

Yes, try installing a portable build of LibreOffice and copying required font files to the \Data\fonts subdirectory of the installation directory.

P. S. Or, even better, give another try to Linux. I have never heard of something like BIOS not supporting Linux. Well, maybe, try a live DVD of a popular distro.

See also question/256450

Thank you Al.
I have not had very good luck with MS in the past, but I will give it a try.

I have a friend who works for a major microchip maker help me with the install. He’s used Linux for roughly 20 years and done more installs than he can count. He had never seen such a difficult install. I might grab an SD Card and run a live copy from time to time. I miss Linux.

You are a genius!

For me, on Win10 with LO 7.1.2, the font folder was here:
C:\Program Files\LibreOffice\program\resource\common\fonts

I installed 2 fonts to check, and this worked with both!

(The emoji font is not working, but no emoji fonts will work for me. I have had so many problems with Win10 that I’m assuming this is just another Widows issue.)

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I wish I was half as smart as you with tech.