Font name box is too small

Hi, is there a setting in LO where I can extend the width of the font name box in Calc and in Writer!? I work a lot with fonts and it very difficult having to use the cursor to see the rest of the font name in the window.

I tried the general system settings on my computer (Fedora 32) to adjust the font size, themes and scaling - to no avail.

Here is a screenshot of the problem:
image description

Thank you.

This is not a straight answer to your question. For what reason do you work a lot with fonts? Is it for experimenting to see the visual effect? If not, what is your workflow? How do you write your document? with the use of styles or through manual use of toolbar buttons, menus, keyboard shortcuts, …?

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Depending on your workflow, a workaround may be suggested leading to a much lower use of the font menu.

Thank you, alittoz. I am a hobbyist book designer and use a Calc spreadsheet as my font manager. (There are no good free font managers for Linux). I know i can use the formatting sidebar where the boxes have a normal width. But my spreadsheet has many columns and the screen real estate is scarce. I will check if i can pin the formatting toolbar to another place and if this changes the size of the box.

Undocking the sidebar and using Character properties for the font name kind of helps. It is not very comfortable though. It would be nice if the sidebar could be pinned horizontally…